16393 Georgetown St  Minerva, Ohio

A Beautiful Rolling Wooded Property Which God Has

Saturated With Miracles Bearing A Vital Message For Our World!

Open Times Can Readily Change

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Saturday      4:00 PM  -  Till Dusk     Closed July 6 

Sunday         2:00 PM  -  5:00 PM       Closed July 7

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 The Heart And Miracles Cabin!

Our Greatly Missed Little Dog Shortly After Erecting This Sign And Shortly Before His Death Placed And Left His Ball In Front Of The Meaningful Sign As This.  God Seen Fit He Then Died In Front of And Facing Another Vital Sign.  See Below. 

After Placing His Ball He Soon Died As Below.

The Tree That Fell Valentines Eve And Filled With Images, And Many More Meaningful Miracles!

 The Sign On Top The Ball Reads As This.


May this miracle soaked property be used to further God’s genuine boundaries (corner pin miracle).  And may our religious boundaries and corner pins be fastened to solid rock truth, which truth for far too long has been quite buried and needs to spring forth and reach the church (rock miracle).  Our world greatly needs LIGHT, light based on the Spirit of the WORD which gives life, rather than the letter which kills.  And may that heavenly light shine, and fuel for revival flow, as portrayed by the massive flame and pipeline (fire and pipeline miracle).  And for the furtherance of that glorious light I hope and pray this miracle filled property will be as a center for those who are more determined to know truth than to prove they already had it, and are willing to admit error and hold to truth even if it brings rejection from unbelieving ones with locked minds.  Yes God will bless seeking ones who have open eyes and minds, rather than big unstoppable mouths, as the image God Himself painted (images miracle).  And may pitiful religious oppression as demonstrated by the suffering Buck be alleviated (buck miracle), and religious errors and oppressions fall flat as the image filled Valentines Tree (falling tree miracle).  And may God advance religions and Christians and Churches from being grievously divided by pride, envy, and the mistaken teachings of men, onward to a perfect oneness in the love and truth of God as the date 11/22/2020 and arrowhead found here richly demonstrate (arrowhead and 11/22/2020 miracles)!  My prayer is that myself and others can heed the miraculous and sober warnings God has given to America and the Church (4th July rock and Eagle’s beak in wolf’s mouth miracles), and therewith laying aside our pride, use this miracle saturated property and picnic area for a place of open heartedly seeking truth, fellowship, and transforming and healing prayer!   

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